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Introduction to Cosmic Energetics - a practical path to developing physical and spiritual healing powers.

Cosmic Energetics is based on methods of utilizing energo-informational flows and rays* which have existed since the earliest times of human history. These methods were used by members of races that existed thousands of years before ours - namely Lemurs and Atlantians. In particular, the Atlantians are believed to have attained a higher level of evolution in all spheres of knowledge and developed superior powers through their access to higher channels of energy information.

Despite their accomplishments, these races ultimately perished because their spiritual components were not sustained in their development. However, the more spiritually cultured monads** managed to survive global cataclysms, and they have manifested themselves in the following ages as a caste of the Consecrated Teachers. In Egypt, Tibet, India, and in North and South America, there existed and exists up to now a small group of the Consecrated who transmit their power and knowledge to certain designated and prepared disciples.

It is a fact that all spiritual practices involve external and internal aspects. Most interested people are only given access to the external matters, because the internal aspects can only be revealed to those students who are ready for them. Those students must demonstrate their preparedness through purity of soul and through spiritual development.

In our current time and place in human history, access to the internal aspects of spiritual knowledge and practice have been blocked to all but a very narrow group of dedicated practitioners. Why have most members of our modern race been deprived of this access?

It happened because of the low level of spiritual development in recent and current societies and the uncultivated consciousness of the members of our race. The potential power of psychic energies is so overwhelming that allowing them to be used without the presence of an adequate level of spiritual development could be ruinous to mankind. This is what happened to the races that existed before us. The historical collapse of many human social structures illustrates the same type of situation.

However, metaphysical practices that are supported by an adequate level of spiritual development by its practitioners have endured for thousands of years. Still, the fact remains that the spiritual and conscious preparedness of the majority of our race at the present moment is very low. That is why the access into the circle of the Consecrated is very narrow. Even now, access to the most esoteric practices is limited to a very few designated disciples. Otherwise, an irresponsible dispersion of psychic energies could potentially lead to another collapse of mankind, such as occurred to races that have gone before us.

We are at a pivotal point in history. Our planet is at the verge of passing through to a new level of evolution. Races that came before ours have undergone change of this magnitude. Powerful energetic forces are already present on Earth, cleaning the planet from manifestations of spite, furiousness, envy, avarice, aggression, and hatred. The very survival of our species may be determined by our ability to spread the clandestine esoteric knowledge and practices throughout broad masses of the world's population.

For a long time, the method of creating and implementing channels of energo-informational flows (the method we are now referring to as Cosmic Energetics) has been practiced by a group of advanced people who struggled within the framework of the former USSR. In the time since the breakup of the USSR, these practices have spread, but in some cases they have spread through organizations that lack the spiritual purity necessary to support growth. Using the power of Cosmic Energetics for political purposes can be detrimental to our race.

Separately, the Cosmic Energetics method began to develop as a healing practice, and it changed completely. This is how the practice of Cosmic Energetics has returned to its true and correct path and application. The foundations of this trend - within which our School was founded - consists of methods of establishing a way of life and treatment as well as setting forth the process of education in cosmo-energetical theory and practice.

In recent years, an interest in authentic esoteric theories and practices has grown throughout Russia and the CIS in line with the trend expressed in the saying "old and at the same time new," which helps to explain the increasing success of a number of schools of cosmo-energetics, along with the gradual breakdown of the traditional "profane" consciousness. The growth of Cosmic Energetics is now spreading rapidly abroad as well.

We take great pride in the role that our school has taken in connection with this trend. The Ki School of Spiritual Growth is leading the way in broadening the horizons of humanitarian sciences and curative practices through the scientific investigation and practical application of the methods of Cosmic Energetics.

According to the International Academy of Energo-Informational Sciences, our school has established itself as the leading organization in scientific experiments in the field of cosmo-energetics.

(*)Cosmic rays are not actually "rays" at all, but rather they are variously charged subatomic particles from space that continuously bombard the Earth's atmosphere. In 1960, Bernard Peters of the Tata Institute in Bombay suggested that lower-energy cosmic rays are produced predominantly inside our own galaxy, whereas those of higher energy come from more distant sources. The majority of high-energy cosmic rays, as well as the more mysterious ultra-high-energy cosmic rays, are believed to originate outside our galaxy. Galactic space is filled with an energetic and turbulent (torsional) plasma of partially ionized gas in a state of violent activity. This activity carries energo-informational content having direct impact (through the energo-informational frequency flows - so called "channels" - which have particular curative, magical, and in some cases evil potential) on everything on the Earth, including human beings, their health, social status, and destiny.

(**)Monads are the countless conscious centers of spiritual force or energy of which the universe is composed. Each monad represents an individual microcosm, mirroring the universe in varying degrees of perfection and developing independently of all other monads. The total combination of these monads constitutes our universe, which is the harmonious result of a divine plan.

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